How to make tidying into a “game” and fun for the kids read on to see how…


The truth is kids are like a sponge they can absorb so much information and can learn behaviours from such a young age. So, if you want them to understand the importance of being tidy and clean what better way to start them from a young age.

Making the tidying up into a game and fun will make it seem less like a chore and may even associate tidying with being fun!

Here are a few fun ideas….

  1. The robot game – Creating directions to toys for example walk to the right, stop, bend down and pick up. Not only will your child have fun at being a robot but learn some programming too 😊
  2. Anywhere where you can include treats and rewards is always a good one. What about a treasure hunt? Or if its around Easter time an egg hunt along the way
  3. Scoring chart on the wall when they have done a chore or done well tidying up, they score a star and stars turn into rewards. Not only do kids get excited by this but it also introduces them to a little competition.
  4. Have a race and see who can pick up the most toys and put them in to the toy chest
  5. Roll a dice. If the die lands on a certain number that is then associated with a specific job.

Who said tidying up can’t be fun? You never know you might even enjoy yourself too 😊.


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