Is Summer just all about cleaning and washing?


When most people think about their home getting dirtier than usual, they often think of the messy winter months. But summer can just be as bad with dandelions, pollen, ants, flies, and crazy thunderstorms that strike without warning. So, there are still bits we can still do during the summer months especially if you are out and about or away on holiday for large stretches of time. We should see the summer month as maintaining. After all, summer happens so fast. Below is a little check list of areas we could try to look to keep on top off and think about.

1. Spring and Fall Can Be Messy

Winter isn’t the only potentially dirty time of the year. Spring brings the most rain and often comes with storms of various types. And often, the winter grime hasn’t been fully eradicated, making springtime a double whammy for dirt. Once the weather dries up, perform a deep cleaning in entry and exit areas of the house, on the patio or porch, and in high-traffic areas like corridors or the kitchen.  

In the late summer, you’re likely to see a resurgence of dirt and debris as autumn arrives along with colder weather. The cleaner you’ve kept your living space during the summer, the more prepared you are for a wet, leaf-filled fall. 

2. You Entertain More

When do you entertain friends and relatives? While most people agree that the holiday season is their primary in-home gathering time, warm summer months are often the second biggest draw. If you tend to have people over, prepare to get help making things ready both before and afterward.

Your style of entertaining dictates what may need extra care. Some homeowners may focus on the public areas of the house while others may need to prepare bedrooms for overnight guests. If you hire help with the extra work in these targeted rooms, you can focus on being a good host instead.  

3. It’s a Good Time for Projects

With longer days and some time off, summer is a great time to tackle cleaning and maintenance projects that may fall by the wayside the rest of the year. You might want to get several smaller cleaning tasks done, such as emptying the refrigerator and freezer. Or you could plan a few large ones like taking down all the blinds for a thorough soaking or power-washing outdoor furnishings. 

Look at your summer home maintenance project list as well. Do you plan to remodel a room, clean out the gutters, convert a college-bound child’s room, organize the kitchen, or update your landscaping? If so, you likely will end up with a mess or could use the help of a pro to make the work more efficient and less challenging. 

4. Allergies Continue to Reign

Spring may be when allergies become a problem for many, but they continue right into the summer months. Good cleaning is one of the best ways to fight allergens inside the home. Deep clean carpets and rugs on a regular basis. Change bedding often. Prevent mould or mildew in wet areas like bathrooms, entryways, and kitchens. And clear pollen and dust that may come inside through open doors and windows. 

5. You Deserve Some Time Off

Summer should be a time when you and your family takes time for themselves. Don’t spend the whole time scrubbing your home.

Instead, arrange for a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service that will take some of the load off. Then you can put your own time and effort into spending time with kids who are home from school, getting away on vacation, enjoying the great outdoors, or taking in summer entertainment options.  


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