Turn your mistakes in to magic………


Are you making some of these mistakes? read on to see how you can turn your mistakes into magic 😊

Using the same cloth around the house?  You maybe spraying your cloth down with different cleaning products however, this can spread germs which is not good firstly. Mixing different chemicals together can also be very dangerous and is a definite no no.

How to fix it? Use a different cloth for your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom for example and make a note of which ones you have used where. Even though you have washed them the cleaning product’s will still be lingering on the cloth so stick to using the same one every time.

Not emptying the bag on the vacuum or cleaning it? It is one of those jobs that gets overlooked but is really important. When a vacuum bag hasn’t been emptied or cleaned in a while it will start to smell, it will not pick up as well as it should and can make the elements on in the vacuum overheat and damage the electrics.

How to fix it? Make sure you keep an eye on your vacuum bag have a look once a week and see if it needs changing. Depending on your vacuum cleaner some have a light that tells you when the bag/filter needs emptying. Wipe the vacuum down every week with a damp cloth (make sure the vacuum is switched off first) and give the vacuum and accessories a good wipe down. Also check that there are no blockages 😊

Bought a new cleaning product but not sure how it really works or what surfaces it can be used on?

How to fix it? Make sure you read the instructions on the cleaning products that you are using and if still unsure just try it on a small area first.

As long as you follow these steps you will be on to a winner 😊

Now over to you happy cleaning! 😊


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