QUEEN BEE Speaks out about her top tips on how to make your house look respectable when you get that unexpected visitor.


Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the door go only to find that it was the postman pushing post through your letter box?

We all lead such busy lives sometimes it’s just not possible to live in a “perfectly clean and tidy” house 24- 7.

Queen Bee from the cleaning bees has 7 simple tips that can make your house to the eye look and feel perfect and “fit for a queen”

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These tips below will turn your house upside down but don’t worry….for the better.

  1. Always have a nice smelling candle lit. I personally love scented oil diffusers. Having a scent that is not too strong, subtle yet eliminates odours is a definite must. I went to Mauritius a few years ago and in every hallway, reception area, landing there was this beautiful aroma that I could smell. When I asked the staff what it was they showed me it was an oil diffuser that was subtly sat in the corner with a vanilla scent. Just something simple as that was such a lovely touch and smelt amazing where ever you went around the hotel. Whenever I smell Vanilla now it takes me back to that beautiful place.
  2. Remember the three T’s. Televisions, table tops and toilets. If you are limited on time make sure you keep the dust and grime to a minimum.
  3. Remove clutter from surfaces when you have finished using something for example like a glass or a plate then load it into the dishwasher or wash it up and put it away straight away.
  4. Keep on top of pet hair. Don’t let it build up. Use  a lint brush, rubber gloves, or if you do have 5 minutes give it a quick vac up
  5. Fluff up your cushions on the sofa it looks pleasing on the eye
  6. Keep floors clean. Get your family and guests in to a habit of taking their shoes of at the door before they come in reducing dirt, dust and grime into your house.
  7. And finally, but I think one of the most important ones create a relaxing atmosphere. If it’s a sunny day let light in, open your blinds or curtains and open a window. If it is later on in the evening think about the lighting and keeping it subtle creating an inviting environment.

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