March’s Cleaning challenge. You in?


Homemaking at any time of the year can be a challenge to us all, but as we have said before it doesn’t have to be!

This month we are putting together a Cleaning Challenge and see what good habits we can develop together!

In last months blog it was about whether our loved ones would be spontaneous and show how much they really cared by taking on a cleaning chore. How did that go? are they hooked and ready to take on March’s cleaning challenge with you?

This month we wanted to find the best way to do things around the house to keep a clean and smooth running household. Housekeeping does not always come easy to some people or not their idea of fun. We have, however, developed systems to encourage you to get better. I have read that it takes two weeks to develop a habit. Well, this challenge gives us four weeks! Let’s see what good habits we can develop together this month and see if we can make homemaking easier and, dare I say, more fun!

During Covid, I think a lot of us had more time around the house and found simple tasks such as making our bed everyday really helped us to start the day and feel motivated. Nobody was coming over to see what state the house was in, but for some reason, it really left us feeling satisfied and that we had accomplished something for that day.

This month, I thought it would be fun to try and get back in to the swing of things with a little challenge to see if we could get people to join in. We have developed a list of action items and a checklist to check off each day when that item is complete!

In this challenge, action items will be broken down by daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Larger tasks will be in the monthly or weekly checklist and smaller tasks will be in the daily checklists. I have even left blank lines in the checklist to personalise it for your daily life and routines!

For the daily challenge items, we have come up with five tasks the do each day and left three blank lines for you to fill in tasks that you come up with on your own. Our five tasks that we have specified are sweeping and vacuuming common areas, empty the kitchen sink, clean countertops, clear clutter prone surfaces, and make up the beds. These are all manageable tasks that make me feel better every time that I do them! Feel free to edit or change these to whatever works best for you and your household!

The weekly challenge items included in the home keeping challenge are tasks that take a little longer to complete or don’t necessarily need to be done every day. I typically do these tasks during breaks in my day, in the morning before work, or after work when I’m cleaning up from supper! The tasks that I have included in the challenge are cleaning toilets, cleaning bathtubs/showers, mopping floors, changing the sheets on beds, shaking out rugs, deep cleaning the kitchen sink, and cleaning out the fridge. I have also included four blank slots on the checklist as well for you to add in tasks that you want to tackle!

Finally, the monthly challenge items are items that take longer to do or really don’t need to happen every day or every week! For this part of the challenge, I included cleaning windows, cleaning mirrors, wiping down the fridge, vacuuming all rooms including the ones not typically used, changing your filters, wiping down your skirting boards and fans, wiping down cabinets, and vacuuming sofas!

The items included in this challenge are simply what works for me and my family. We don’t have kids, so some of the weekly or monthly items might be daily items for you! Feel free to adjust and change tasks as necessary! Remember, the whole purpose of this challenge is to help us all create better habits and to easily keep a smooth running household and like I mentioned earlier if you partner managed to take on a cleaning task for valentines day then get them involed here too! Two hands are better than one as they say 🙂

If nothing else, I think that this challenge could help us all to have a clean house throughout the month of March. I believe that it will help us all to build some great habits. It will help us get a kick start our spring cleaning! My hope is that it will help me build a more structured cleaning routine. I hope it will help you to not feel as overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen in your home. I can’t wait to hear who all will be joining me on this adventure and hope that you will all keep me posted on how it’s working for you! So here we go! March, prepare to be CLEAN!


Method bathroom cleaner (smells divine)

Waffle cloth…. fabulous for glass and windows. Leaves them streak free

Micro fibre cloths for dusting clings to dust like nothing else

Vorwerk battery handheld vacuum for getting in to those hard to reach places


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