Cleaning tasks you can finish in half an hour…Read on to find out more


Are you sat there finding another day has passed you buy, and you still have a list of cleaning jobs the length of your arm?

First, take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea or coffee and have a read through this article. Those lingering jobs can be done in 30 minutes or less here’s how:

Sweep and wipe the kitchen

Use disposable disinfectant wipes to clean kitchen counter tops, appliances, the sink, cabinet fronts. Then grab a brush or a vacuum and brush/vac the floor.

Clean your sofas

Grab your hoover and using the end nozzle on your vacuum give your sofa a once over.

Vacuum high traffic areas

Vac by the front door, in front of the sofas, in front of the oven and kitchen cabinets. The results will be imminent. Light a candle or burn an oil diffuser beforehand for a clean, fresh smell.

The shades

Use a paint brush to get in between the hard- to- reach places quickly and effectively.

Speed clean wooden blinds

Run a slightly dampened cloth between the wooden slats of your blinds and tadar the dust will stick to the damp cloth.

And that’s it. We hope after reading this article it has given you the force to keep on going and get through those jobs and eased that feeling of stress and worry. Give these tips a go you will be smiling at the end we promise!


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