How to turn cleaning into a habit


Creating cleaning habits can help you to transform your home and live a happy life.

This month I read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear and what a read it was! I would definitely recommend if you feel that you need a little motivation and a good read.

The book is packed with evidence-based strategies of how to make small changes that will transform your habits. I listened to it on audible whilst doing my jobs and it was interesting.

I have made a few changes to my everyday life and feel so much better for it.

This month I thought I would share a few hints and tips that you maybe able to use and find helpful so here we go.

1. Make your daily/weekly chores become a habit. By doing them everyday. For example, when you have used a cup wash it and put it away or put it in to the dishwasher.

2. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Start with a small job first but do it everyday. That way it will become a habit.

3. Change the way you see a job. Don’t see it as a chore but embrace it. If you see something as being negative and a drag you won’t do it.

4. Good habits help us to become more efficient in everyday life.

5. Being organised for example emptying the dishwasher and making lunch the night before will make that next day easier for you. If you feel more productive and positive, it will improve your overall wellbeing and help to relieve stress.

6. Reward yourself when you have completed a chore.

7. Creating these habits will save you so much time and make that next job that much easier and quicker so you have more time to enjoy those other things we all like to do.

So why not give it a go. Try making a chore into a habit!

See you next month!


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