The benefits of May and spring cleaning!


The better weather and the warmer temperatures are finally on their way. For many of us the better weather signals that it’s time to start spring cleaning and go through our wardrobe and start loading up boxes for the charity shop!

But why? you will probably be asking yourself. Well, we have this idea that spring is a time for new beginnings. Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth. So we connect the two and bring that in to our homes and living space.

With the lighter evenings and the days getting longer it can make us more motivated and energised and therefore getting us moving around our home.

Spring cleaning can make you feel accomplished. Our brain feels good which can reduce tension.

If you are feeling stressed, overworked then cleaning can be quite soothing and for some people cleaning can be a way of channelling that feeling of stress in to their cleaning!

Cleaning and having an organised home can help you feel in control as you know where everything is and in your mind, everything has a place and is a pleasing place that you can return home to after a long hard day at work.

If you are working from home like a lot of us have been keeping your space neat and tidy can prevent distractions during the day and means you can channel your energy into your work rather then thinking about putting washing away or cleaning your windows!

It can also get you moving. Cleaning the windows, vacuuming the living room can get those endorphins pumping and add to your 10,000 steps!

So where do you go from here? Start today don’t put it off for another day. That day will turn in to a week and then a month and then it turns in to a bigger job and headache then it needs to be.

Start in an area that you will notice the changes straight away this will give you the motivation you will need to carry on. Give yourself a goal. It doesn’t all have to be done in a day! And finally, don’t compare your situation to others just focus on yourself and what is manageable and achievable to you!

Embrace it and enjoy the brighter months and what they have in store for you 🙂

See you next month and happy cleaning!


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