You think you really got your cleaning routine down to a t?


So, we all like to think we have a cleaning routine that works for us but what about those areas that we sometimes we don’t think about and either miss or forget.

This month we are going to look at a few of those areas that get missed when carrying out our cleaning routine and bring you to the top of the class when doing your cleaning.

Don’t worry we have only listed 4 to get you on your way!

1. Clean down germs from light fittings, doorbells and remote controls – light switches, doorbells and remote controls are amongst the most touched items in our homes and often get missed and overlooked. So, when your giving each room a dust don’t forget to grab the remote and run your cloth over the light switch.

2. Door handles – Door handles are up there with light switches and remote controls. Again, when you enter each room to dust or vac then get your cloth and give it a quick wipe down with an antibacterial spray.

3. Vacuum and mop alongside and behind the toilet – Most of us clean our toilet every day but do you remember to clean alongside and behind it?

4. Clean your home appliances – Don’t forget those appliances on top of your worktop in the kitchen such as the kettle, toaster and coffee machine. Wipe underneath around and if your kettle/coffee machine has a descaling/cleaning programme try to remember to do it once a month at least.

So how did you get on? are these areas that already belong in your cleaning routine? if so well-done you. If not, please don’t worry and let it be overwhelming just add them on one at a time and before you know it they will be part of your cleaning routine.

Until next month! Happy cleaning!


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