Don’t let cleaning make you bleak this winter!


Don’t punish yourself for not completing that daily or monthly job list.

We all do it though don’t we? We all have a never- ending job list of those jobs we have been meaning to do but just never get round to doing. Having the motivation to do them is so hard. Promising yourself a treat at the end of it but you somehow still try to negotiate with yourself and never actually do them!

Researchers have said although having lists can make some people feel motivated and the end of it as they feel they can cross off jobs and that can really be motivating and liberating in itself but for many of us it can actually cause more stress.

What I would suggest is give yourself one manageable task that you definitely know you can complete. It can be as little or as long a job as you want. From pulling out your winter jumpers from the loft and washing them and swapping with your summer wardrobe to simply cleaning out your fridge.

If you can just complete one task successfully, I can assure you it will motivate you and lift your spirits.

Before long you will be inspired and want to do more 🙂


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